UMB Financial Corporation

As one of the largest independent banks in America, UMB is fiercely committed to customers and to ensuring that each and every one of them can count on more. Since its early beginnings in 1913, UMB provides a wide range of products and services that help customers reach their financial dreams.

Endorsed Benefits

Communicating for America, Inc.

Communicating for America (CA) has long supported the concept of Health Savings Accounts and endorses the Freedom HSA™. These are very powerful accounts because of the tax incentives - they are very much like a traditional IRA with the added bonus that you can take money out for qualified medical expenses at any time without ever paying income taxes.

Authorized Service Provider

IHC Specialty Benefits, Inc.

IHC Specialty Benefits is the service provider of the Freedom HSA™. IHC Specialty Benefits provides service and promotion of endorsed benefit programs.